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The range has been developed by professionals who understand the nuances and details of being practical and wearable,...



  • Jackets

    To some people it is just a chef’s jacket, but we take care to perfect the uniform jackets at a genuinely good price. Chef Equip garments are based on the traditions of chef’s uniforms and retain all the features that guarantee comfort and style. Our fabrications and trims have been extensively tested and proven to maintain appearance and structure after prolonged wear and commercial laundry.

  • Pants

    Traditional jean cut or baggy fit, offer comfort and style to enhance the total look.

  • Aprons
  • Accessories

    CANTEEN STYLE LADIES HOUSEKEEPING Poly cotton short sleeve ladies 3 piece navy blue with white collar,sleevepin-ups, v-front apron framed overall. Consist of overall, apron & head piece. BEANIES AND HATS Ideal for deli’s, industrial kitchens and serving areas for hygienic purposes • Used in the handling of food to prevent contamination of food • Easily disposable allowing employees to use new aprons, gloves and mop caps, daily or with every application

  • Table Linen

    Our new Chef Equip table linen is made from the finest 65% polyester/35% cotton blend fabrication. Our fabric is durable and has been extensively tested and proven to maintain quality and shape after extensive laundry services.

  • Test

    Our range of counter top gas and electric appliances will provide your business with all the energy and passion needed to produce great results. From baking muffins to producing a refreshing cup of coffee, our comprehensive range of products will ensure that your kitchen has reliable and dependable equipment to cater for all your business cooking and heating requirements.