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  • Hand Mixers

    Through the dedication and hard work of Robot Coupe’s staff, the company has become the foodservice industry leader in the development and refi nement of food processors, vegetable preparation units, and combination processing units. For the Healthcare sector, the Blixer produces the smoothest and creamiest of purees and patés in just seconds. Robot Coupe has introduced its new line of Power Mixers, which is distinguished from its competition by its superior cleanability, power, ease of use and enhanced sanitation.

  • Vegetable Cutters

    Today, we are encouraged to eat at least 5 portions of fresh fruit and vegetables each day. As variety is the spice of life, your Robot Coupe vegetable preparation machine can be fi tted with a large range of discs and cutting sets for slicing, grating, julienne and dicing any fruit or vegetable you wish. Let your imagination and creativity go.

  • Bowl Cutters

    With a Blixer®, preparing healthy, well balanced and tasty food is simplicity itself, due to it’s ability to blend raw ingredients. Robot-Coupe Blixers® allow you to make any starter,main dish or dessert you choose with a modifi ed texture for the health sector. Handy polycarbonate lid equipped with a watertight seal and with a bowl and lid scraper.

  • Potato Peelers & Cutters

    Use a chipper bridge to mount the potato chipper safely on the vegetable sink. This allows hygenic collection of the raw chips in the bowl. The chipper is spring loaded and therefore cannot be operated as a free standing unit. It must be attached to the chipper bridge. Nuts and bolts supplied. Chipper can be permanently mounted

  • General

    Great for storage, portion control and packaging of nuts, biltong and sweets etc. Adjustable timer to allow for various packet thicknesses

  • Zumex Orange Juicers

    Freshly squeezed juice, squeezed from real oranges, right in front of your customers... The first squeezing system for the hotel business revolutionised the market thanks to its quality and reliability. There is no contact between the juice and the peel. The peel is extracted from the drum using a wedge, in such a way that acids and oils from the skin are prevented from going into the juice, ensuring its best flavour and hygiene.

  • Juice Extrator

    Ideal to obtain perfect juice straight from fresh fruit or vegetables. Simple and easy to use. For small volume restaurants or juice bars. Suitable for fruit or vegetables. Enhance your menu for extra profit. Product to be processed must be pitless

  • Food Liquidisers

    Ideal for blending soups and sauces. Use specifi cally for chilli sauce, salad dressings, juices

  • Food Mixers

    All mixers come standard with dough hook, whisk and flat beater. Ideal for small bakeries and home industries

  • Dough Mixers

    Ideal for small bakeries and pizzerias. All units are supplied with castors for easy cleaning and manoeuvrability

  • Milkshake Machines

    SUMMIT Milkshake Machine Rugged construction. Ideal for vending areas, fastfood outlets, cafes, tuck shops and canteens. • Available in various trendy colours to suit every application • Comes standard with a Stainless Steel mixing cup • Attractive and modular. HAMILTON BEACH The world’s best choice for making the perfect milk shake or smoothie. Choose the triple head unit for busy high volume establishments. Fitted with unique patented Stainless Steel agitator

  • Blenders

    The world’s favourite blender, a must for any bar or restaurant kitchen. Perfect for cocktails, smoothies. Separate On / Off and High / Low pulse switches. Break resistant polycarbonate jug. Fitted with patented rubber clutch system to prevent motor damage