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Whether cooling cakes or sushi, our comprehensive range of refrigeration units are guaranteed to preserve food...



  • Brema Ice Machines

    SOLUTIONS FOR ALL YOUR DRINKS SERVICE NEEDS Brema ice machines have embraced an ongoing creative effort focused on achieving extremely high product standards by using the best materials and being aware of technological innovations. This endeavour on their part has enabled them to be pro-active to a changing market and to create a range of models that address customers needs and requirements.

  • The Fridge Factory
  • Scotsman Ice Machines

    World's smartest ice machine Scotsman, a leading innovator of ice technology, introduces Prodigy™, one of the smartest, most energy efficient ice machines on the market today. Prodigy features a state-of-the-art self-monitoring system that provides up to the minute reporting on the machine's performance, as well as maintenance needs. See how Prodigy can improve your operations.

  • Juice Dispencers

    Crystal clear polycarbonate, durable 14 litre bowls, individually removable for cleaning. Continuous agitation from the paddles avoids foaming and liquid oxidation. Thermostat controlled cooling, temperature range +2 to -8˚C, Stainless Steel coolers, sealed compressor. Free fl ow dispensing taps, enabling easy fl ow of any thick pulp juice. Control switch can be back or front mounted. Illuminated front top/back

  • Slush Machines

    SUMMIT Thanks to its patented double mixing system, Summit guarantees perfectly dispensed products, also avoiding accumulations of ice. Its multi-refrigeration system allows for faster cooling for each tank, ensuring huge time savings. The easy removable component, without the aid of tools, guarantee practical and maximum hygiene. Equipped with 2 compressors is a very strong slush machine that can work up to 40°/45°C external temperatures. If used in places with no air-conditioning systems, this model needs minimum half a meter, on the 4 sides for air. It can be placed and moved everywhere. DISPENSER SUITABLE FOR SLUSH-ICE, SHERBERTS AND OTHER FROZEN SPECIALITIES. AVAILABLE IN 2 AND 3 TANKS

  • Cake Display Fridges
  • Display Units
  • Ice Cream Makers
  • Blast Chiller/Freezer

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