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Cleaning & Washing Services

Our exclusive range of DIHR dishwashers are guaranteed to cleanse the most stubborn crockery and cutlery. Our...



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    DIHR: YOUR IDEAL PARTNER IN PROFESSIONAL GLASS, DISH AND UTENSIL WASHING An integral part of any busy hotel or restaurant kitchen. Use the complete DIHR 5 step dish washing system to provide a constant supply of sparkling clean crockery and cutlery on demand. Step 1: Rinse off your soiled crockery and cutlery with the pre-rinse spray (B). Step 2: Stack your dirty crockery and cutlery into the glass or dish racks and slide into the dishwasher to commence the wash cycle. Step 3: On completion of the wash cycle, slide out the rack and the washed items will air dry in minutes. Step 4: Stack the washed items still in the racks onto your rack dolly (E) for safe and damage free storage of your valuable crockery and glasses. Step 5: Wheel your rack dolly to your storage or setup area, ready to be wheeled into action on demand.

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