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Functionality combined with pure aesthetic form – that is what is understood by modern food presentation today. Collections lends itself to creative interplay between food and form. Your food creations will always be shown to full advantage with the variety in the Collections range

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  • Fortis Hotelware

    PRIMA Our contemporary Prima Range combines the elegance of fine china with the resilience of a genuine catering product. Clean lines and a modern white body result in a range that can be applied across a broad range of functions. The Prima Range encompasses the entire spectrum of essential tableware, along with a number of elegant extras. FULLY VITRIFIED: Strengthened with alumina and highly resistant to crazing QUALITY SPECIFICATIONS: SABS 1004 CHIP RESISTANT: Rolled edge on rims. Spouts and handles designed to minimise breakage HEAT RETENTIVE: Excellent heat retentive qualities HARDWEARING: Glaze is formulated for use in a catering environment STACKING ABILITY: Designed to facilitate stacking APPLIANCE SUITABILITY: Microwave and dishwasher safe

  • Luzerne
  • Churchill
  • Polaris
  • Blanco
    Simplicity and Performance. This range with a narrow rim comprises smart functional pieces in a variety of designs that are able to withstand the trials of regular use.
  • Café Continental
    The perfect solution for the wide range of tea’s and coffee’s on offer to suit the ultimate Connoisseur. Choose from our comprehensive selection of stylish hollow ware.
  • Le Buffet
  • Octavia
    This unique shape offers an edge to any gourmet dining experience.
  • Mont Blanc
    An intricate delicate embossed design creates this classic look best suited to special occasions.
  • St Andrew
    Finely printed lines on this range provide an opportunity for absolute plated perfection
  • Kalahari
    This range has an organic feel, to reflect the environment that inspired it’s design. This range has been colour washed by hand.
  • Ndebele
    For an authentic African dining experience Ndebele will add this cultural edge to your table theme.
  • Zebra
    Black and White stripes will bring a touch of difference to your table and will allow your creative juices to flow.
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items