Cronut mania peaks overseas

has it reached South Africa yet?

It seems that the latest sweet obsession is an entirely new hybrid, the Cronut.

By Jenny Marsden

Although it sounds like some kind of infectious disease, this sweet and flaky beauty is a hybrid of buttery croissant sugar-coated doughnut. Created by Dominique Ansel, this confection has been out for a month and already New York has gone bonkers.
     A local paper The Village Voice reported that a small batch of 50 cronuts were sold on Friday 12th May. On the Saturday morning, dozens of people were lined up by 07:30 hours before doors opened. Normally New Yorkers only rise at that hour to beat the rush, but the call of the cronut is apparently too great to resist.
     While Los Angeles has begged chefs to bring the cronut out west, there in New York they’ve already started a support group for cronut crazies. Yes, if you can believe it, you can share your cronut dreams and horror stories of sugar crashes gone awry.
A hop, skip and a jump across the ocean and the croissant-doughnut hybrid made its first appearance in Sydney, Australia. There it became the creation of celebrity pastry chef, Adrian Zumbo.
     The “zonut” is Zumbo’s interpretation of the US pastry sensation, born of the happy marriage between buttery, flaky croissant and deep fried doughnut.
     Back in New York the craze continued. Despite the six-cronut limit, the daily run of 200 sells out within minutes, with cues so long some savvy New Yorkers are already scalping boxes of these delicious treats. (Scalping is the practice of purchasing an item and reselling it at a profit.)
     Unsurprisingly, a social media frenzy followed, leading to cronuts going viral, spawning imitations in other parts of the world.
     Because the word “cronut” is trademarked by Ansel, this group of imposters stuck as close to the original as possible with names like Kronuts, Doughsánts, Croughnuts, Doissants and the perfectly simple Croissant Doughnut.